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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  March 28, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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since 2005 the numbers drop 50%. a look behind the decrease. and the latest developments in japan. could it happen here? should we be looking into earthquake insurance? and many teens and parents are concerned about how to pay for college. stew works for you -- abc2 works for you with tips on navigating that all important financial aid process. in baltimore county, the study is crime is down. numbers put an exclamation point on a five-year downward trend. brian kuebler reports. >> reporter: the numbers are down.
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since 2005 the number of homicides in baltimore county dropped 50%. a trend only punctuated by the five-year low of 20 homicides reported in 2010. numbers the county executive calls remarkable. >> in the past year police officers in every precinct of this county fought to keep us safe with every tool at their disposal. >> reporter: it's those tools that were boasted about today, in addition to old fashioned police work the police department credits its gang enforcement unit, unit domestic violence coordinators. and other crimes that can lead to murder. >> we live and work in a community where government and the community works together. community associations and organizations to make our county the best place to live, work and play. >> reporter: the state's attorney's office is also
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focusing on a witness protection program, and more. >> a very small number of individuals commit the majority of violent crime in this state. we think it's important we continue to lock them up and give good sentences on them. if they are in prison they are not out to reoffend. >> reporter: a tough stand on the back end with aggressive police work on the front end. a successful combination county leaders say, responsible for a drastic decline in county homicides. in baltimore county, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> baltimore county says its general violent crime numbers are down as well. they will release those numbers in just a few weeks. maryland senator ben cardin introduced a bill to create a nationwide alert system after a law enforcement officer is injured or killed. the bill is systemlar to the nationwide amber alert system used for abducted children. workers in baltimore county
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will get special recognition today. they were treated to a healthy living day with a free massage, yoga classes and a breakfast. kevin kamenetz says it's about showing appreciation for hardworking men and women. >> they are really working hard day and night. taking care of the people in baltimore county. we are grateful. >> across the country it's celebrated as social work month, march is celebrated as social work month. services held today for a carroll county member who made the ultimate sacrifice. services in manchester for staff sergeant james madikowsky. he had four deployments. he was buried at arlington national cemetery with full military honors. he leaves behind a wife who is expecting, two sons, parents
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and a sister. maryland general semly has one weekweek to hand out a budget. the house finished its work last week and the ?ait is taking -- the senate is taking over. they have to figure out how to bridge a $1.6 billion budget gap. the senate president mike miller says they must focus on cuts with some fee increases to help balance the budget. honda is recalling 2,800 honda odyssey mini vans. they say the front and driver passenger power windows in the 2011 models may come off track. they may drop off into the door. good news, no one has been hurt so far. honda recalled last month more than 33, 000 mini vans because of a windshield problem. we had a nice clear day. nothing on the radar but certainly there was that late, well, early spring, late winter chill in the air.
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it feels more like winter and looks like it too with snow showers and wintry mix at central and northern virginia, earlier today. skirted south of our state but now we're looking at a nice clear sky. temperatures beginning to drop. after only topping out in the mid and upper 40s, already down to 47 in cockeysville. down to 44 centreville. and frederick 47 now. the rest of the evening, a drop into the 40s, into the 30s later on tonight. i think there will be 20s, even a few teens in the outlying suburbs. overnight, a mighty chilly start tomorrow morning. talk about the next two approaching storms coming up in a few. take a look at your money tonight. putting up the money to owe the diploma is difficult. christian schaffer follows one teen as she navigates through the process. >> i am in the process of waiting. waiting. that's all i can say. >> reporter: 18-year-old
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olivia is waiting to find out if she's been accepted or not. >> i have the letter that stated - >> reporter: a straight a student, this senior at a long island high school is applying to 15 schools but olivia, like millions of others faces another challenge. how to pace for her education -- pay for her education. money matters as much as grade point average. >> that is a major part of my decision. for the next four years, will be financial aid from the nation. will that continue throughout the four years? >> reporter: olivia filled out the form, the free application for federal student aid, fasfra. it decides billions of dollars in aid. she's a scholar that helps students apply for various college scholarships. but many don't know about their options. the princeton professor says
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start early. >> one mistake was crossing a expensive school off the list of consideration early on without following through of how much financial aid that school is actually giving out. >> reporter: olivia's mother was involved from the start. >> everything is time-sensitive. and divvied out on a first come/first serve basis. you have to be on top of paperwork and taxes, have everything in on time. even after asking the general questions the specific requirements are -- they differ greatly from another school. >> reporter: as april drops closer olivia and her mother are nervous and hopeful. >> reach for the sky. >> i'm decided i'm going to college, no matter what. i'm pretty happy about my future. >> again, start early. major credit card companies problems and turning your android phone into an
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in tonight's "consumer watch" -- google is joining forces with citigroup and mastercard to set up a mobile payment system. turning your electronic phone into an electronic wallet. according to "the wall street journal" it will allow sciewmers to wave their android phones in front of the reader at the checkout to make payments. it would allow google to offer -- retailers more data about their customers. starting today, you will no longer be able to read "the new york times" on-line for free. it's now limited how much concept you can see. the "times" says nonsubscribers can choose from three digital packages for unlimited access. readers who don't want to pay,
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little have access to a limited number of free articles a day, including those found in searches and social networking sites like facebook. home page will remain free to everyone. debit cards are disappearing at several major banks. rewards are given to customers for spending and making minimum deposits. customers then redeem the points they collect for cash or gifts. now wells fargo will no longer offer its debit rewards program to new customers and jp morgan chase notified customers last week their debit rewards programs will expire june 19th. we've all seen them. we know the images from japan are shocking. entire towns leveled, homes reduced to rubble. roads opened up after
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tonight, in japan, the nuclear crisis there, the tokyo power company headquarters protested no more fukushima. traces of plutonium have been found in the ground outside the plant. but we're told it's not a public threat. smoke is shown billowing from two reactors that have damaged fuel rods. some experts say it's time for
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the company to let someone else take over. >> i think they should be moved in leadership. to top scientists charged with the authority to call out the japanese military. >> adding to the frustration, air samples taken from the west coast of the u.s. are now showing trace amounts of radiation. that radiation is associated with the crisis in japan but far below anything anybody should be considered about at this point. you have to admit most of us are not worried about this until now. of a a half-dozen recent quakes -- after a half-dozen recent quakes including the recent ones in japan, john matarese says earthquake insurance is a good idea so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: images of the devastation in japan have many of us getting nervous about earthquakes. it's a fact. the earth has been hit with more earthquakes in the past few years than normal. japan, haiti, new zealand, just a few.
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so, is it time to buy earthquake insurance? images from tv japan, and you wonder how vulnerable are we? the good news, the u.s. experiences only 2% of the world's earthquakes. the bad news, according to "marred -- smart money" magazine, premiums for earthquake insurance have been rising dramatically because of the disasters, especially hurricane katrina. expect to pay between $300 and $525 a year for quake insurance. from the doesn't that stink file, the high deductible that can come with quake plans. many have a 10% deductible meaning you still have to pay the first $20,000 in repairs on a $200,000 house. ouch. doesn't that stink? smart money says unless you live in california tornadoes and flood coverage should be your top priority when it comes to insurance. quake coverage may be icing on the cake that your budget may
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not be able to afford. bottom line, all insurance serves a purpose but you have to decide how much of it you can afford to carry. so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese. a good-looking day out there but it has been colder than average. to say the least. take a look, 47 at the airport. humidity dry, 19%. and winds from the west/northwest around 10 miles per hour. a couple of spots around, ellicott city, our lady of perpetual help finding clouds early, then the sunshine burning through the clouds later in the day. but not really helping to warm up things much. washington today at reagan international, sunny day over the nation's capital, good-looking finish to the day here but bottom line, it's chilly even down this way. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, five sweeps all clear now. that's going to remain the
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case, dry weather holding, tomorrow morning, tomorrow night. it changes wednesday and certainly into thursday, even friday at this point looks a little damp. chilly winds out of the north now. canadian air continuing to find its way into maryland and holding our temperatures down below average. you have to be in charlottesville, virginia, today to find anything above 50 degrees. keep in mind baltimore's average high by now would be close to 60. not today. about 15 degrees colder than average. downtown, 48. i think we'll get above 50 tomorrow. we'll add a little warmth to  the numbers but we need it, because we are going to get very chilly for this time of year. maybe a little warmer towards preston, 53. again, these numbers will still be well below average. again, there was wintry weather earlier today, passed just south of us. it brought snow showers across
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much of the shenandoah valley, points south of washington, down through the richmond area, getting some light snow showers earlier today. talk about unseasonable. our satellite and radar trend clearing though across the east. quiet stretch for the next 24 to 36 hours. then our next storm will begin to develop. in the meantime it's this cold canadian high pressure in control. keeps us dry and sunny. big bubble of sinking air, the way to think of that area of high pressure. keeps things clear but also colder. our futurecaster bringing in a few more clouds, not really tomorrow but i think as we go from tomorrow night into wednesday, we cloud up through the day. we bring in the chance of showers by wednesday afternoon. then overnight wednesday, as more of this moisture works in and temperatures drop overnight wednesday into thursday, that is where we could see a wintry mix, especially like carroll county westward in the state. i think we'll see wet snow during part of the middle of the week. probably won't add up to much but still an unwelcome site in spring. 26, partly cloudy.
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2-degree guarantee will go to 52. mostly sunny, a little milder tomorrow night, still chilly but clouds increasing, we stay above 30 at least. 7-day forecast and outlook for cooler weather through the middle part of the week. that wintry mix, i think primarily from frederick westward wednesday night into early thursday. another chance for a mix thursday night into friday but as we go into the weekend here things do get a little milder. right now the os opener looking like we might find if we're lucky, 60. there's hope. >> thank you. let's look at headlines around the nation tonight. prosecutors in florida are seeking the death penalty against a couple accused of killing their 2-year-old adopted daughter. jorge and carmen face first degree murder and child abuse. both pleaded not guilty. authorities say for months the pair hit twins with a shoe and
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bound their hands and feet. then locked them in the bathroom. sometimes for days. one body was found on valentine day in the back of the couple's truck. victor survived, was doused in a toxic chemical. a collision claims two lives. authorities say the accident happened yesterday afternoon in the san diego bay. you can see the police moving toward the crash scene. eight other people including two children were injured and taken to local hospitals. they are all expected to be ok. one woman is in jail tonight after police say she tried to smuggle drugs from the dominican republic into the u.s. using a diaper. the woman was on jetblue flight 893, arriving in boston in the morning. the 22-year-old was questioned at a customs checkpoint. her answers didn't match up. the patdown found a powdery substance in an article of
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clothing, something similar to a diaper. found out to be cocaine. >> the flight was delayed because there were two bags wi made it on to the plane. so we were detained on the runway until someone could take care of the bags. >> police discovered more than 1,000 grams of cocaine. bail has been set at $100,000. i'm jamie costello. coming up all new tonight at 6:00 -- radioactivity from japan has been detected in baltimore. but that doesn't mean you have to worry. what health officials are telling us tonight. plus, a scam involving your own computer that actually comes from your own phone. new tactics to know about. with my friends, we'll do almost anything.
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it's a bird, it's a plane, it's michael bloomberg, new york's mayor. he was in a charity benefit dressed as spider-man. in homage to the much-troubled broadway show. had he trouble trying to land. and he was in the "mamma mia" parody dressed in bell bottoms. i like that. >> stella! stella! >> ok, he was not trying to bring attention to someone named stella. he and other screamers took part in the stella shouting contest in new orleans over the
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weekend. it was part of the celebration. it was made famous by marlin brando in the famous "streetcar named desire." >> anyone win it? >> this woman here. the next time you take your child to the doctor you may notice new questions. why pediatricians are now talking about facebook. that is at abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. on the 37th anniversary, we didn't know what would happen up there in harrisburg, in the three mile island plant. more information from japan. drinking on the job and the department of transportation is embarrassed at what investigators found. we have to be on our toes so much they are cramping up. listen to


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